As time permits, I plan to share more on my passions and hobbies. Things that I am interested in include [but not limited to] embedded electronics, programming, and audio/video related topics. I am an avid Linux user and prefer to use that platform in all things I do. I have participated in a few open source projects ranging from the early days of Ardour (testing code, providing feedback and even added a few "feature" patches to the project) and the Linux kernel (mainly testing new hardware and providing feedback). My link to a few websites (including github) is provide in the footer.

I do 'web' application developing for a living, but how many web developers do you know implement complete vertical integration [install and configure the base operating system, maintain system updates, work with customers on requested changes and features, etc... Luckily I barely do any content management of those systems or I'd never get any sleep.

For the record, I am redoing this website in my spare time. Thanks for the patients. I plan to restore a few of the projects and experiences back up here from the old website. It just takes time!