[Not "cannon" but closely inspired]

Required equipment:

  • 3 or more different colored “reset” CHIPS (BORG cyborg modules)
  • See thru small (hand size) plastic container (TRICORDER)
  • LTX Phoenix or LTAR in unhosted mode 2-teams
  • Enough chips to cover all players at least once, recommended 2X number of total players
  • One color will be RARE (and unknown to HUMANS at start of game)

BORG Goals:

  • Assimilate all HUMAN
  • Prevent Humans from collecting necessary modules to create virus

HUMAN Goals:

  • Collect one of each distinctive BORG modules
  • Install all modules into TRICORDER and program a virus
  • Install VIRUS into BORG (one at a time) to restore BORG to HUMAN
  • Tag all BORG out with no reset CHIPS (method 1 win) or Restore all BORG to HUMAN (method 2)


  • BORG can use shields
  • ACTIVE BORG (not tagged out) can touch HUMANS to Assimilate at any time!
  • BORG can reset at any time as-long-as they have a CHIP or retrieve 'Spare' CHIPS at BORG/HQ
  • BORG surrender CHIP if TAPPED by HUMAN while resetting tagger (healing), or while tagged out rendering the BORG DISABLED
  • BORG with RARE chip are 25-tags, otherwise 10-tags
  • BORG with RARE chip start with 1 extra CHIP at start of game ONLY (surrendered decoy or donor CHIP for DISABLED BORG)
  • BORG can exchange CHIPS, move RARE CHIP around or RESTORE a DISABLED BORG [this disables the donor BORG]
  • DISABLED BORG can still move around and head back to BORG/HQ
  • 'Spare' CHIPS at BORG/HQ for newly assimilated BORG and DISABLED BORG (surrendered CHIP to HUMAN)
  • Any CHIPS collected go back into 'Spare' pile for other BORG
  • Any TRICORDER collected is destroyed/unrecoverable


  • HUMANS can RUN
  • HUMANS can't use shields
  • HUMANS once tagged out, must stop, reset tagger, wait for "good luck", head back to ANY MEDICAL BAY before re-engading the BORG again!
  • HUMANS can kill all BORG by collecting all CHIPS, or enough CHIPS to disable over 50% of them by end of timed game to WIN
  • HUMANS can heal BORG back to HUMANS using TRICORDER programmed with VIRUS, during a tagged-out / tarrger reset window by touching TRICORDER to BORG
  • TRICORDER requires one of each CHIP color, one color is RARE
  • If TAPPED by BORG at any time, (active, tagged out, resetting tagger, heading back to MEDICAL BAY), you are now BORG -- head to BORG/HQ to grab 'Spare' CHIP


  • If all players are BORG, BORG win.
  • If all players are HUMAN, HUMANS win.
  • If all BORG are exhausted (tagged out and no reset CHIPS available to BORG), HUMANS win.
  • If timed game (or game called), count the number of active (have reset CHIP) BORG and if 50% or more left, BORG WIN.


  • HUMANS play Method 1 or 2 win strategy ONLY (advantage BORG)
  • HUMANS can heal up (reset tagger) by returning to MEDICAL BAY any time (advantage HUMANS)
  • Reduce or increase reset CHIPS, must not be below total players (advantage either)