Ubuntu 18.04 app indicator issues?!

Not sure why, but there seems to be a lot of issues with gnome and app indicators (think system tray)..

So far this seems to work, but as it is a bit of voodoo, haven't tested it often.. (or at least some combination involving the following):

$ sudo apt purge gnome-shell-extension-appindicator indicator-common indicator-application

reboot / Alt-F2 'r'

gnome-tweaks -> extensions. make sure everything is disabled

reboot / Alt-F2 'r'

Ubuntu Software -> Add-Ons -> Shell Extensions -> Topicons plus (install)

reboot /Alt-F2 'r'

Removing Swap Unexpected Penality

I removed swap (/etc/fstab) from a machine a while ago, but the system was still activating the partition. Come to find out systemd.special/swap.target was still mounting it some how **OR** initramfs .. (still not entirely sure).

So if I remove the swap partition, it CAN'T activate it.. GREAT only except the machine now takes a really long time (~44 seconds) to boot when it was booting in about half that (~25 seconds) before that. WHAT THE HECK?!

Real Time Config Quick Scan

The git project contains quick checks (scans) on ways to improve system stability when it comes to low latency and real-time applications. This can improve jack to where the buffer size can be as low as 128x2 for USB class 2 audio hardware using a pre-compiled low-latency kernel. Should be lower (64x2?) for a custom compiled real-time kernel.. Otherwise using standard kernel you might still have issues at 1024x2 with a busy system.

git clone https://github.com/raboof/realtimeconfigquickscan.git